Sunday, 1 February 2009


There were always going to be surprises on the night, but nobody would have expected this. Renowned artist Mark Bode had heard there was a Secret Wars battle happening in town and wondered if he could get involved. Do Camels Spit? If you're not sure ask Terry on Otherwise check out the pics of Bode doing his Thang!!

Mista/Bode Vs Teck/Alfa was a line up I didn't imagine could happen and neither did they. But the best bit of the night was seeing Jimi C argue with a couple of girls accusing him of being Racist because it was a London Vs Brighton. They would have preferred Team A Vs Team B...Not on Jimi's watch! Despite, Brighton getting the crowd vote (No surprise there) Both judges, voted in favour of London! Brrapp Brrapp!

Until next time....

Don't forget to watch this space as we secure a permanent spot in Brighton. If you're an artist and interested in getting up to compete for the title of Champion, then email us on

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