Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Secret Wars @ Whiteair

For those of you that don't know, Whiteair is the biggest extreme sports festival in Europe, so it was the perfect stage for Secret Wars to set up a special 3 day tournament.

Artists included:
Spit Sega
Dirty Laundry
Made You Look

All very talented and eager to experience Secret Wars in its fullest. Day 1 saw Spit Sega, Made You Look, Jojenk and Kozin progress to the semis to be held on Day 2. Whilst the battles were on, there were a range of activities and performances from some of the best extreme sports stars from around the world. There was also a chance for young and eager artists to get involved under artist supervision to learn more about SW as well as a chance to pick up a some paint and 'have a go'.

Reeps 1 showed up and blew the crowd away with his range of sounds. I can honestly say, Reeps pulled a bigger crowd then the Red Arrows and RAF put together.

In the end, artists 'Made You Look' and 'Spit Sega' made it to the final on Day 3, where after a 1-1 decision by the judges, it was left to Andy (Whiteair organiser) to make the tough choice. The Secret Wars Whiteair Champion went to....Spit Sega. A big congrats and a big thanks to everyone that took part and showed their support!

Rem 1 DNK during the set up day

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